Thursday, June 10, 2010

Banjo Pigs! Artist Challenge

During the last 2 weeks or so, many illustrators have been drawing pigs with banjos. Guy Francis began this challenge and many artists have contributed their banjo pig illustrations. Here are a few of mine so far. The first is a biker pig dude and the second was a fun name request by Chris Gilbert. I challenge you to make your own banjo pig and show it!

Illustration Blog Ketchup!

I am playing a little Blog Ketchup (catch up) today to show you some of my random illustrations.

Here is my addition to the Pig Band illustrations that some of us artists are doing for fun. This is my tribute to Boston's drummer back in the 70's & 80's with the football helmet afro....SMOKIN'....I ain't jokin'.

Observation Comic: A couple weeks ago, I spotted some twins that were a little too old to be dressed alike so I thought of this and sketched it.

Do you suffer from separation anxiety? One of these guys does. Random Illustration - P.B. & J YUMMY!