Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Promotional Postcard

Here is the new promotional postcard that I sent out to publishers and clients last week. I think I sent around 70 or so and need to send about 20 more. I hope to get some new clients this year and some fun projects...so I hope this stands out. These illustrations are from work I did recently as well as some projects from last year.


  1. Hi Corey,

    Nice work! I think that card ought to get some attention... very nicely designed.

    Good luck with it all... I guess this depressions doesn't help business much, but it's good to keep one's dreams alive.

    I'm sure business will pick up eventually.

    You might enjoy this book I've got from the library... 'Dear James - Letters to a young illustrator', by R.O. Blechman.

    I enjoyed it very much...


  2. Super cute postcard! Thanks for posting it. I'm getting ready to send one out, too. Hope it brings you lots of new work!!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!! :)